Ways to Cope with Depression

When it comes to health, we all have a similar list of ideas as to what makes us healthy or unhealthy, and there’s a ton of value in that. A society with some general medical knowledge baked in is a great thing. However, there is one area of health that most of us are wildly ignorant of, and that’s mental health. Mental health has historically been ignored, demonized, or exploited, and it’s in Big Brother’s best interest to keep mental illness hidden, as it calls attention to the various failings of our capitalist society and corrupt government.

Therefore, there is an incentive for the powers that be to suppress knowledge of mental illness and to create dissent regarding its validity. This may sound like a conspiracy theory, but trust me when I say that this is the way of things. Much like with racism and sexism, xenophobia, etc., Demonizing or discrediting mental illness shapes the behavior of the masses in order to justify a morally bankrupt system. An example of this is the way that owning humans as property is much more palatable when you’re being told that they only constitute one third of a person.

Therefore, receiving treatment, or even a diagnosis, for mental illness is a tricky beast. If you’re even aware of your mental illness, which can take time and observation on its own, you’re not likely to feel like you can pursue help, because that’s an admission that you’re flawed, that you’re weak. I can only tell you this is not the case, I can’t make you feel it, and when it comes to mental illness, feelings are reality.

However, in lieu of proper treatment, there are a few small things you can do to combat these illnesses. Here are just a few ways that I cope with depression and anxiety.First and foremost, a change in scenery or routine go a long way toward alleviating depression. Therefore, objective number one is to simply take a walk once in awhile. This change in scenery and the exercise that comes with it are known to help with depression and anxiety. However, simply taking up a new hobby works, too, especially if it’s a creative hobby that can help you work through your troubling emotions. Another approach is to redecorate your living space, so don’t be afraid to grab some decor from The Lakeside Collection and just go nuts.